The tale of RIIS is a story about passionate craftsmen, dedicated to delivering sustainable and beautiful furniture, products and building work of high quality.

The story goes all the way back to 1965, where the company was founded by Harald Riis. With his passion for carpentry, he manufactured building elements for industrial buildings and over time specialised in restoration of historical buildings.


By 1970, the management was passed on to Harald’s eldest son, Tage Riis, who focused the company in the direction of craft elements and customized restoration. The restoration of the renowned castle, Koldinghus, Denmark, became his life’s work.

In 1981 Søren Riis, eldest son of Tage Riis, took over the management. With his passion for classic craftsmanship and modern technology, he chose to establish a carpentry business in 1983. He dedicated the company to custom-made furniture for offices, hotels, cafes, stores and custom restoration.

We have evolved

In 1999, H. Riis & Son was changed to RIIS Entreprise, which later became RIIS Carpentry. The design department was already established to work alongside the production of crafted furniture back in 1994 and has been an integrated part of the company ever since.

While RIIS Entreprise kept its focus on solid craftsmanship, furniture and inventory, RIIS Retail A/S was created as a separate company focusing on the retail industry. From there the business started to scale even more.

RIIS Retail started to play a major role in the retail market by designing, developing and delivering complete solutions for some of Scandinavia’s most popular retail brands including BESTSELLER brands like JACK & JONES, ONLY and VERO MODA – everything from brand and concept stores to shop-in-shops and pop-up stores.


In 2004, RIIS passed the 100-employee mark and two years later project no. 1,000 was completed.

During this time, RIIS Retail evolved and started delivering Complete Solutions not just for retail stores but also cafes, offices, meeting rooms and restaurants.

In 2016, the 4th generation, Kristian Riis, takes over the day to day management in close collaboration with Søren Riis.

In 2017, project no. 5,000 was delivered.

Today, RIIS Group works as an umbrella organisation that handles all RIIS activities. We have evolved massively over the past 50 years, but design, Complete Solutions and the love of craftsmanship are still the cornerstones of RIIS Group today.