In a Complete Solution, we take care of everything from analysing your brand, culture, identity and strategic goals to creating, establishing and implementing your concept design.
Whether you operate within retail, hospitality or any other industry, we help you simplify a complex process so you can focus on your core business.




The framework for our Complete Solutions consists of three phases:


First, we apply The 4 D’s that is a process that uncovers insights and understandings about your business, purpose and desired effect of the design.
The 4 D’s consist of the phases: DISCOVER, DREAM, DESIGN and DEVELOP. Everything is done in an open process with your involvement before subjecting to a final design.


This is the establishment and implementation phase. We handle project management, planning, product development, prototyping and manufacturing, local rules and regulations.
We take care of all necessary facade and construction work including technical installations and contact with the appropriate authorities and construction monitoring agencies.


This is all about protecting your investment. This includes quality inspection of your location, on-site maintenance including repairs and replacements.
We offer support from our Customer Care department including our Online Aftersales Service where you can easily order concept fittings, furniture or accessories.


Brand Analysis
Concept Development
Space Management
Visualisation & Prototyping



The very first part of THE EVOLVE MODEL is to get deep insights and knowledge about your business, purpose, your brand’s position and environment before subjecting to a final design. Therefore, we commence with the first phase of The 4 D’s: The DISCOVER phase.
In the DISCOVER phase, we analyse your brand, culture, identity and strategy goals as well as your customers and competitors. This is always a process with a high degree of stakeholder involvement where you work closely with us.


Entering the DREAM phase, we start developing your concept. Rooted in our analysis from the DISCOVER phase, we prioritise data, generate ideas and select main themes to create the vision of your concept. With the right vision, you can achieve the desired effect of your concept and design.



In the DESIGN phase, we start creating your concept design. We develop the layout, general interior and exterior design, furniture selection and product presentation. This is an open process with your involvement to make sure that the design is rooted in the insights and realisations gathered through the process.
We ensure to create a concept design with carefully identified visual and aesthetic means that correspond with your brand identity, company culture and values.


The last of the 4 D’s is the DEVELOP phase. The DEVELOP phase is also an integrated part of the BUILD phase in THE EVOLVE MODEL.
In the DEVELOP phase, we engage in product development, prototyping and technical drawings. This also includes pricing while we prepare the rollout plan agreement before the final concept design is established and implemented into practice.
The four phases give us the insights and understandings about your business while it ensures that the final design is rooted in the insights and realisations gathered throughout the process. They help us go from the creation of concept framing to implementation of the final concept design.


Project Management
Construction & Mounting
Customised Manufacturing
Law & Customs Clearance



We handle Project Management globally from start to finish with respect for your budgets and always with a high degree of stakeholder involvement. Our Project Managers have great local knowledge across the world due to our country setup.
You have a dedicated team at RIIS while we offer One Point of Contact to increase efficiency and keep complexity low. The size and composition of the team vary according to your needs and requirements of our cooperation.


Our RIIS Construction department based in Germany performs building work with everything from new buildings and renovations to turnkey projects or individual trade contracts.
Our construction unit secures high-quality construction work and provides the technical documentation required as well as arranging contact with the appropriate authorities and construction monitoring agencies. All this to make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the process.



We produce high-quality custom-made furniture, fixtures, fittings and prototypes with our own modern carpentry and joinery business, RIIS Carpentry.
We are capable of producing advanced solutions, including surface treatment, mounting and maintenance. We assist with expert knowledge about detailed solutions in furniture and constructions, new exciting materials, and wood constructions.
Also, we fit your needs for mass production of furniture. This will be facilitated in Denmark or in Poland, where we have a locally employed responsible, who handles production and quality controls, audits, negotiations, etc.


There is nothing more demotivating when working across borders to have your project be held back by legislation and local customs. Elements that delay your work and ultimately affects your business negatively.
Therefore, we handle law, local legislation, building regulations and customs clearance across countries. Our global setup and experience with legislation and customs clearance make sure that you don’t have to worry about technical or legal documentation.


Protecting Your Investment
On-Site Maintenance
Online Aftersales Services
Customer Care



We offer customised maintenance schedules so your location looks sharp and inviting for many years. According to your schedule, we will inspect your location from top to bottom to ensure that everything works perfectly.
Since we know everything about your location, we help you decide if you need any repairs or replacements while we handle all the practical tasks related to it.


A new location requires constant care to keep your environment in the best shape. In practice, you will get a dedicated team that handles the contact with your location managers. The team takes care of all communication with your local business partners as well as all agreements both for construction and furniture maintenance.



We handle aftersales services through our webshop. We provide you with a login to your very own personal webpage from where you can easily order concept fittings, furniture or accessories if replacements or supplements are needed.


Our Complete Solutions do not stop when your facilities are taken into use. Your concept has to be maintained and the design kept up to date. We help you with concept maintenance, replacement of furniture and support after the initial sale.
Our Customer Care department is always ready to help you and answer any questions you may have related to your shop fittings or furniture. If you need extra pieces of furniture or you experience any problems with your location, we are there to help.



We were asked to come up with the most excellent we could think of – without pouring gold leaf all over it.
BESTSELLER Rømerhus is one of our most advanced Complete Solutions.