RIIS Carpentry and RIIS Construction have many years of experience with exquisite carpentry and solid construction work.


RIIS Carpentry was founded in 1965 and has grown into a modern carpentry and joinery business, where quality, technology and traditional craftsmanship go hand in hand.
Today, RIIS Carpentry produces high-quality custom-made furniture, fixtures, fittings and prototyping. It is divided into departments, each with their speciality in construction, furniture, restoration, service, and maintenance.
Be inspired at RIIS Carpentry’s own local website (in Danish).


RIIS Construction is established and located in Flensburg, Germany and is in close collaboration with RIIS headquarters in Denmark.
RIIS Construction performs building work of shops, offices, restaurants, bars, hotels and much more. This includes everything from new buildings or renovations to turn-key projects or individual trade contracts.
With German craftsmanship, punctuality and our unique know-how in the building sector, we have completed over 1,000 shops and stores across most European countries during the years.


Both RIIS Carpentry and RIIS Construction are integrated into our Complete Solutions.
RIIS Carpentry makes all kinds of special requests from our design department. It’s capable of producing advanced solutions, including surface treatment, mounting and maintenance. Also, it assists with expert knowledge about detailed solutions in furniture and constructions, new exciting materials, and wood constructions.
All this means that we are never restricted by any special requests or materials.
RIIS Construction secures high-quality construction work in our Complete Solutions. It provides the technical documentation required as well as arranging contact with the appropriate authorities and construction monitoring agencies. All this to make sure that the construction complies with all quality and safety quality requirements.
We simplify and handle an extremely complex process for you. It’s your guarantee, that everything is handled correctly – so you can focus on your core business.



RIIS Carpentry also produces special solutions for own customers. No task is too big or too small – whether it is the production of custom-made furniture for your business or entire restorations of private homes, estates, manor houses, and protected properties.
Among several other projects, RIIS Carpentry has produced wall elements, bar and benches for the Carlsberg Aviator Lounge, counters and furniture for Skive Museum, as well as custom-made kitchens and bathrooms for private homes.